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Product Biltech ACE- AAC Block
Area of Wall   sqft
Thickness of Wall   mm
Dimensions of AAC
Length   mm
Height   mm
Thickness Value Selected from above   mm
Blocks for making a wall with BiltechACE- AAC
Volume of Blocks   cu.m
No. of Blocks   Nos
  • These are estimated calculations based on assumptions of working conditions.
  • Cement: sand asumed at 1:6 for motar.
  • Estimates may vary depending on design, size of opening, approval codes etc.
  • Biltech Building Elements Ltd. is no way responsible for any deviations or claims on above.
  • One 9 MT Truck contains load of 12 Cu.m.
  • One 15 MT Truck contains load of 20 cu.m.
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